The 2014 2015 SSYRA Award Books -Schooltube version New Releases- -

Schooltube videos do not allow for high definition. For higher quality watch these trailers - YOUTUBE VERSION HERE
BeFunky_8 class pets.jpg.jpg
BeFunky_abby carnelia.jpg.jpg
BeFunky_south pole pig.jpg.jpg
BeFunky_capture the flag.jpg.jpg

BeFunky_dorko the magnificent.jpg.jpg
BeFunky_elvis and the underdogs.jpg.jpg
BeFunky_escape from mr.jpg.jpg
BeFunky_Hooper finds a family.jpg.jpg
BeFunky_king of the mound larger.jpg.jpg

BeFunky_rump the true.jpg.jpg
BeFunky_sasquatch-escape bigger.jpg.jpg
BeFunky_Stranded cover image.jpg.jpg

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