--------- Students use technology & digital media strategically and capably.--

Common Core Standards.

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by Devin Harclerode

Also Meeting College and Career Ready Common Core Standards in which Students

  • Respond to the varying demands of audience, task and purpose.

  • Comprehend as well as critique.

Lesson ideas that involve book trailers without the creation and production of trailers.
  • Have students watch various trailers on the same book.
  • Compare and analyze the trailer's purpose, theme, characters, setting and mood.

  • Have students complete a character analysis based on what is presented in the trailer.
  • Note descriptive words on the character.
  • Then read the book and compare if the pre-list matches the book.
  • Find examples in the text to support the analysis.
  • The above can be done with setting, theme, mood, voice and author's purpose

  • Analyze if the script, narration, music, images and graphics enhanced the story.

From the Common Core Key Points on Media and Technology:


"Just as media and technology are integrated in school and life in the twenty‚Äźfirst century, skills
related to media use (both critical analysis and production of media) are integrated throughout the standards"

How To Make A Book Trailer

Book Trailer Presentation [ used at FAME Conference]