Link here to blog about this year's Book Battle Books . Read below to learn about how to blog at our school.

Learn more about internet safety with Professor Garfield

Link here to blog about this year's Book Battle BooksThis blog was created so students could comment online about the Sunshine State Young Readers Award books, Grades 3-5, also known as the Lee County Book Battle Books. Using 21st Century Information Skills , students will participate via social media in a kid- safe environment. Students will blog from a teacher monitored classroom computer. And the entire discussion site will be managed daily by Mrs. Harclerode, Diplomat Elementary School's media specialist.

Using Blogging at school helps students to:

  • "Own their own learning"
  • grow with their peers
  • reflect on their thinking
  • learn to colloborate
  • improve their writing and digital literacy skills
  • understand there is a global community who can help them learn even more
  • become part of something bigger than their own classroom
  • learn to use digial tools safely and appropriately
  • begin to create a positive digital footprint

Digitalks- Why Should Schools Blog
by Deb Hanson

The Blog Rules

B = Be Brief. Think about what you want to say and check your spelling as well as your grammar.
L= Log on correctly. Do not use your full name, only your initials or first name. You do not want to share personal information. However do use your teacher's name, your grade and school. See the example below.
O= Opinion. This is your opinion about this book. However make sure your comments are appropriate. Ask yourself is this post inappropriate, or immature in any way.
G = Global. Anyone in the world might be reading your post. You are representing yourself, your class, your school and your country. This is both exciting and an awesome responsibility.

Book Battle Blog Form and Rules

The form needed for blogging and parent signature: click

Are you from another school and would like to join our blog?

Students may only blog from a school computer after their teacher has joined the Lee county book trailer.
If you are a media specialist or classroom teacher who would like start their students blogging just email and request a membership.
Michelle Harclerode , Media Specialist at Diplomat Elementary School