Thinking of coaching a Book Battle Team at your school?

Think Time:

  • Read all the books so you can promote them to your students. You do not have to be the book expert. You just want to kick off the program with your own personal spin on each story.

  • Then focus the rest of your time on organizing your students, teachers and eventually your team.

  • Want more details click on Team Diplomat to see how our school is organized.

Think Talent:

  • Your classroom teachers are your talent - they can become the expert on one or two of the books.

  • Have various teachers select one title and give them the book free. It becomes their class read -a loud and when the team is selected they can lead one 30 minute book discussion .

  • Your teachers and their own students will be cheering you on. During the competition when a question comes from their book, they [both teacher and students] feel personally part of the event.

Think Treasure:

  • Your students get the rewards by becoming better readers and hopefully falling in love with books.

  • Open the competition to as many students as you can and give them rewards along the way.

  • Read 1 book battle book - get a special sticker/certificate and go on the TV news

  • Read all 15 books and get the golden invite to the Book Battle Party.

  • Read all 15 books try out for the team.

  • Think about having a Team A and Team B. For more details on this approach go to Team Diplomat.

  • Take lots of photos and display the team and your celebrations in your media center year round.

Click the picture below to view more photos of how we celebrate Book Battle

Book Battle Party at Diplomat