Book Trailer Creation - Part 2 - EDIT

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CHOOSE......BASICS.........ADVANCED .......... CREDITS

  • CHOOSE Digital Editing Program -


Audio Slides

Power Point
Adobe Spark

In Between

Window Live Media
I Movie

Real Editors

Adobe Premiere Elements
Adobe Premiere Pro

Images Pixabay edited with BeFunky

  • I prefer timeline editing to audio slides - here are just a few that I have used and would recommend.

  • Audio Slides - easy to use not as many effects

    • POWER POINT- Free -you can use this and turn it into a movie at the end - save in HD - tutorial
    • ADOBE SPARK - Free new cool - can add 10 seconds narration to each slide - so a bit tricky to make it sound narration film like, you can download or save in HD- also this is an online editor which means sometimes it freezes Music is all there and easy to find CC images - puts credit at the end. Tutorial
    • WHY NOT ANIMOTO - I use Animoto for other video projects -- you can't get that book talk feel - it produces a video that looks more like a commercial - and you can find lots of trailers made with Animoto. You could make something with Animoto - download in HD then put it in another video editing program.

  • WINDOWS LIVE MEDIA - sort of a timeline track editor - similar to using IMOVIE
  • -- There are ways to trick this program and get the narration on first. You can export out in HD - gives more control - have to upload background music - Tutorial for Windows Live Movie Maker
  • ADOBE Premiere Elements or Adobe Premiere Pro

  • - Real timeline editing with multi tracks – will allow video merge and often trickier transitions and titles

  • Premiere Elements this is up to vs. 14 is the easier to use - allows multi track - videomerge -narrating in program - editing control - themes. There are some background music and sound effects you can use. Tutorial
  • Premiere Pro CC [2015.3] this is harder to learn - but work so smoothly and is what I use to make my trailers. However I subscribe to Creative Commons - and for $20/month [education/student]- I have access to every program that adobe makes. Tutorial

  • BASICS - adding images - transitions - titles


Multi Tracks

allows you to do more


keep it moving - no longer than 5 second per image


narration - images - transitions- titles - credits


keep it simple


same font/ easy to read


finalize film - export and watch - redo?

Young M. Harclerode editing the old- fashioned way - before computers.

    • TRACKS - Timeline editing with multi tracks – will allow video merge and often trickier transitions and titles
    • PACING - keep trailer moving with enough images - DON'T STAY MORE THAN 5 SECONDS ON ONE IMAGE
    • ORDER is narration first, add pic and vids [trim to fit] add transitions between, titles on top, book pix with credits at end [see screen shots] then find music – which should go to the end of credits – then render out
    • Keep it simple – use same transition [I like film dissolve for basic]
    • When something dramatic will happen – use a dramatic transition
    • TITLES
    • Keep the same font – easy to read
    • Adding titles over your images to convey a thought or detail can help tell your story – and they can transition in and our or really fade in and fade out
    • RENDER is when you finalize your film – exporting is when you send it out in the format you want

  • ADVANCED- photo editing, video merging, layering in timeline

  • photoshop eye.jpg
  • Image by Pixabay - edited with BeFunky

  • PHOTOSHOP - Editing your photos
  • BeFunky
    • o Not all features are available for free – but you can crop fast and put in some effects fast – sometimes I use borders
    • o Easy to use – but not photoshop
  • Gimpshop is like Adobe photoshop but free to download
    • o here you can separate or pixel out background to lay over other images or videos
    • o also sometimes I change eye color – or added a scar [Kizzy Ann]
  • Videomerging and Layering in timeline -- next workshop
  • How to change background in photoshop to transparent - tutorial another tutorial

CREDITS- use template for accuracy and consistencyScreen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.17.38 AM.png
  • This is just a title card or slide - if you have more images you might need to make 2 slides
  • Go back to your credit document and in order of use in your trailer link to the original to get info.
  • Trailer by [your name] – 2016
  • Music by Kevin MacLeod [name of song]
    [url] CC BY

  • Images/ Video CC BY & CC BY NC SA
  • list your images - [the real name of the photo/vid] by [ the photographer] with the URL
  • 1. Byrn by David Jones
  • 2. Cat o Nine - wikimedia Http:

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