Part 3 - Book Trailer Creation -Part 3 Export/ Send
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Every editing program is different – export out/ save as/ share.

Follow this format H264- 1280 by 720- frame rate 29.97 – this is MP4

  • Watch the trailer – see if there are glitches – fix if needed – re render and export out again.

Send your video to me – [I will give you my email at the workshop] by Sept 1, if possible or sooner.

  • Share your video with me via google drive
  • Compose a gmail – or log into your google drive
  • Choose the google drive icon at the bottom
  • Google-Drive-icon.png
  • Upload your file – it will probably ask you to send as google drive
  • include how you want your name, title and school to appear or anything else so I can put this info on the websites

  • Michelle will make all the trailers no one signs up for AND

  • send yours to youtube, vimeo , schootube and safari montage you’re your attribution,
  • place on her Book Trailer For Reader Web site with your name title credit appearing on the trailer as well as on your book’s web page. and
  • by mid-September will link all the trailers in that dog award show video by genre.

Have fun –– the end goal is to have the viewer say
– “I just have to read that book.” Thanks Again!