Diplomat Does Barcamp , featuring students at a technology conference.
by M. Harclerode, Media Specialist at Diplomat Elementary School, 2010

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Student made book trailers were presented at Edison College, in Fort Myers Florida. Seven Diplomat students presented not only their book trailers, but their expertise in Web 2.0 tools from digital storytelling to blogging. Watch the short feature above and share their success at a technology conference called Junior Barcamp. This conference was the first ever held. History was made. To find out more about Junior Barcamp check out the **wiki** and the **blog.** Also many new tech tools and resources were featured at Barcamp, **link here** .

. And to watch the book trailers presented click on the covers below .

A Diplomat Book Trailer by---- 5th grade student Alex

A Diplomat Book Trailer by 5th grade students Jackie & Ryan

A Diplomat Book Trailer by 5th grade students Kayla & Megan

A Diplomat Book Trailer by 4th grade students Joshua & Rachel