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Fleabrain Loves Franny trailer by M. Harclerode.


Award winning author Joanne Rocklin releases her latest gem of a novel: Fleabrain Loves Franny. A story about a special girl, an inspiring book, and a brilliant (though unintentionally funny) flea.

"Another wonderful story from Joanne Rocklin. After reading her SSYRA nominated book "The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook", I became a fan. In this tale Ms. Rocklin combines an adventurous plot, with homage to Charlotte's Web along with a realistic look at Polio in 1952 America.

The themes of miracles and resilience run throughout. The flea is highly educated and will introduce readers to literary greats from Kafka to Nietzsche. It is the well drawn character of Franny, both brave and spunky, that will win your heart." M. Harclerode

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Author Joanne Rocklin. Find out more about the book and the author here.

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