Here is another book trailer that I have come across. If I have read the book, I will let you know my opinion.
Enjoy. [Note: these book trailers are usually from YouTube and may not be accessible in the school environment.]

Animal Adventure Elementary

More About the Book

Sheba, Magic & Smiley by Author PS Olivier.
Book Trailer MH Media Productions

A fun-filled adventure story for children that spans an ocean and delights the animal lover in us all . An unlikely friendship forms between a lost farm dog from Durban, South Africa and a fun-loving race horse from Miami Beach. Join Sheba and Magic as they brave the elements to get home to Sheba's beloved family and African home. Facing their fears and some troubling humans, the two navigate the sea with the help of Smiley, a friendly dolphin. Find out what adventures lie ahead for our twosome on both sea and land.
Trailer by MH Media Productions a division of Book Trailers For Readers.

This is one I made for first time author PS Olivier. I don't usually do book teasers -- but I had a lot of fun with this one. The author created the story in memory of her dog and as a message for animal kindness.

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