Here is another book trailer that I have come across. If I have read the book, I will let you know my opinion.
Enjoy. [Note: these book trailers are usually from YouTube and may not be accessible in the school environment.]
YA Apocalypse/ Fantasy

More about the author and book
This book is YA.

Yoke by author E.M. Ragland [from the Bound Trilogy]
Book Trailer by videographer and graphic designer Josh Medling
Owner of Solarium Productions, LLC
As far as Sophie Morgan is concerned, nothing sets her apart from other people her age, except maybe her quick temper. But when a car accident claims the life of her mother on Christmas night, Sophie comes face to face with her angelic father and learns her existence is anything but ordinary.
I have not read this book, but after reading the reviews, this appears to be one you cannot put down, a cross between Twilight and Fallen. Or as one reviewer put: "The journey of the story is fun and full of darkness and light."
The trailer has that dynamic big production movie feel and was created [ according to the author] with practically no budget, just lots of creative talent of course. And the music is killer! Great job.

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