Jumping the Fence Book Trailer- - A True Story

Jumping the Fence trailer by M. Harclerode.

Author Maureen Esnard Gilmer. Find out more about the book and the author here.

Celebrated author and nationally syndicated columnist Maureen Esnard Gilmer shares her own story a 150 year old family secret.This is her extraordinary account of her ancestors, an interracial family risking it all to jump the fence between African American heritage and white identity, amid the political turbulence of 19th century New Orleans. To find out more visit


"Ms.Gilmer contacted me about making a trailer for her family story after seeing a SSYRA vid I made on Civil Rights. I was fascinated by her story and how little I knew about the Freed Blacks of New Orleans before the Civil War. Her story takes a heartbreaking twist as the family hides the truth of their race for over150 years.

It is Gilmer's fear that children of today have lost their links to their own past. Until recently, Gilmer had no idea that her family had been keeping their heritage a secret - even her own father was in disbelief.

Written at the adult/ young adult level Jumping the Fence would make a fine addition to any study of Black History, especially Jim Crow and how life for the Freed Blacks of New Orleans drastically changed after the civil war."
- M. Harclerode


The Ones Who Came Before

" What family secrets are waiting for you to unearth?"

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