Why I like SchoolTube and how they helped me through their upload transition.

M. Harclerode Teacher Librarian
Creator Book Trailers For Readers-
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Change Happens
Ok, anyone who has been trying to upload videos to schooltube with high resolutions, many transitions, or basically anything more complicated then unedited video discovered new schooltube wasn't working as it had.
What I and other users dubbed new schooltube began this past Fall 2011 and my book trailers suddenly went from high quality to pixelated. And everything seemed to be changing at that same time: Facebook, Google Advanced Image Search, where my grocery store put the tomato soup cans. Why?????
Schooltube listened.
Well schooltube listened and worked with me. Help tickets aside, the staff contacted me, via phone and emails, to update me on their progress. Yes those words be patient were often mentioned, but I was supported along the way with specific details and a caring attitude.
Thank you Schooltube and Jeff Johnston - my assigned schooltube help representative.
Schooltube works and more to come.
  • I can upload videos with high resolution utilizing the same HD presets I use for youtube with the same high quality results.
  • Photostory seems to be better - however that is a function of photostory codec, plus the software is old. [anyone have any tips here - I convert to MP4 ???]
  • In the works [ so I am told ] managing options for channels, plus thumbnail choice.
  • Schooltube allows you to become the moderator and instantly post videos.
  • Schooltube is FREE!

TIP: if you have embed problems with schooltube - it may be due to using the old embed code. Schooltube video embed only works with the iframe code. If anyone has embedded one of my older trailers - I have updated all my trailers with the correct iframe code, thus you may have to go to schooltube and get the new code.