Here is another book trailer that I have come across. If I have read the book, I will let you know my opinion.
Enjoy. [Note: these book trailers are usually from YouTube and may not be accessible in the school environment.]


Author Nanette L. Avery

More About the Book

Nanette L. Avery.jpg
Nanette L. Avery

Author Nanette L. Avery
Book Trailer made by the author.

Nanette L. Avery presents stories for twenty-first century readers. This Teacher's Select Book is a collection to be read aloud or to captivate the silent reader. These imaginative and beautifully crafted stories will soon become a family favorite to pass down for years to come.

This self created book trailer was created with both Movie Maker and audacity to sync the music. The challenge with trailers, according to Avery, is to give the reader a sense of the book without giving it away.

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