Here is another book trailer that I have come across. If I have read the book, I will let you know my opinion.
Enjoy. [Note: these book trailers are usually from YouTube and may not be accessible in the school environment.]

Author Kevin McGill

More About the Book

Great interactive website.


-Author Kevin McGill
Book Trailer made Kevin McGill and Aero Studios.

Nick lives in a time where one can extend your life indefinitely through brain downloads, zip from country to country in hovercars and have every whim taken care of by the ever faithful nanny drones. And he hates it.

It is a time forgotten, a magical civilization where fire-breathing lions, automaton legged merfolk and volcano born nymphs are in grave peril. But do they need fourteen- year -old Nick as their hero? When he just blew up his parent's shed again.

Aero Studios was founded by author Kevin McGill and McCullough. Their mission is to publish books that make kids drop their game controller and read.

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