Diplomat Presents:
---Act 1 of "Parp's Place" --Parents As Reading Partners--A program which motivates students to become life -long readers.

Act 2 of "Parp's Place"

Students at Diplomat Elementary School must read 10,000 minutes to help Penny Parp and her friends get their jukebox back.
And what secret is Fonzette keeping? Does she need our help too! Keep reading and will be revealed in Act 2 .
Parents you can help, by intialing every day 15 minutes of reading has taken place on the Diplomat's PARP slip in your student's
planner. The program will run from August 26 - October,7, 2011. And let's all READ, READ, READ!!!!

Link to the YouTube version Act 1 here, and Act 2 here

Educational Goals of PARP [ Parents as Reading Partners].

  • To develop a positve attitude towards reading.
  • To develop life-long reading habits.
  • To encourage positive character traits.
  • To achieve excellence in the areas of teamwork , responsibility, attitude, and to build strong work habits.
  • To encourage parent involvement in reading with their children.