M. Harclerode

" You know you are reading a great book when right in the middle of the story you are hoping it never ends."--------

Favorite Book:
"Skellig" by David Almond

Favorite Movie:
" What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

Favorite Colors
Orange and Blue
Gator by Marriage
with 3 daughters graduated
from UF

Michelle Harclerode

  • Teacher Librarian: Diplomat Elementary School - 18 years
  • MLIS from the University of South Florida [Masters In Library and Information Sciences.
  • 2010 Lee County Elementary Media Specialist of the Year
  • Storyweaver, Digital Trailblazer and Media Specialist
  • Wiki creator of Book Trailers For Readers, created July 2009
  • Over 140,000 visitors per year to our site.
  • Professional Book Trailer creator

"School Library Media Centers are not just the cornerstone of a school
but a portal to the world. Even the youngest students can be guided
through the world wind of information and acquire the tools of digital literacy."

History on Site

Book Trailers For Readers was created in 2009 by Teacher Librarian Michelle Harclerode. The site began to promote Florida's Sunshine State Award books. Viewed in over 60 countries with a growing readership of over 100,000, the site has been referenced in several literary and educational circles. In addition to M. Harclerode's trailers, student book trailers and a few independent authors have been featured on this site. If you are interested in learning how to make your own book trailer visit the special features section of this site.


Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to read....

A storyteller at heart, I love connecting both avid and reluctant readers with good books.

Book trailers combine two of my passions reading and film editing. My hope is that after watching the trailer you will just have to read the book. This site, Book Trailers for Readers, started book conversations that helped to connect our school, our district and even beyond. Originally designed to introduce Florida's best book list, The Sunshine State Young Readers Award books, our students immediately wanted to get in on the act and create their own trailers. I am so proud of all of our student made trailers and can't wait to see what next year brings.

Besides book trailers, my students would tell you I love folktales and Melvil Dewey. If you don't know who he is-- "Look it up". Stated like a true librarian, right? In fact researching is another passion. I actually find researching fun, almost like a great mystery story waiting to be solved. That is how I came to be a librarian, I was spending so much time in the library writing papers that I switched focus and earned my Masters in Library and Information Sciences.

Working as a media specialist for the past 19 years, is a job I truly love and connecting with students is the best part. Being able to be a Teacher Librarian I work with all grades [ teaching 6 classes a day] about Reading, Informational and Digital Literacies,

So the little girl who loved to read grew up to become a librarian who helped other boys and girls love to read too.

Family Portrait. Do you know what the red dogs are? Hint think Cifford The Big Red Dog. Or watch the video below..

Here is a Just For Fun Film about all those Dogs