Teacher Workshop on Making Book Trailers - by M. Harclerode - student info here

Summer 2016 Talented Lee Librarians are becoming experts in book trailer creation. Follow this tutorial and become an expert too.
You are free to use this workshop CC BY NC SA - link back to Book Trailers for Readers - Teacher Librarian M. Harclerode.

Why - you should learn how to make a book trailer. Currently the Florida Standards.

book trailer standards1.jpg

Overall list of TOOLS and HANDOUTS mentioned in this workshop.

Goals: Make one or two trailers by 9/1/16

  • to make a 30 to 60 second trailer in a book talk fashion,

  • to get students and readers excited about reading the book, and maybe

  • teach students trailer making

Intro Video to Making a Book Trailer - by M. Harclerode using Adobe Sparks Online Digital Story Maker

Part One - PRE - EDIT info here - intro video

  • Watch Trailers with Scripts - evaluate with rubric

  • Script Writing - read entire book, script and storyboard

  • Trailer Creation 1 - folder/ recording narration/ create credit doc

  • Trailer Creation 2 - find images, video, background music - creative commons/ public domain

  • To be completed this July - workshop 6/22/16 on pre-edit phase of trailer creation. Take a brief look at Editing

  • [ Choosing your program and Credit Template]

Part Two - EDITING info here

  • Choose Digital Editing Program - timeline vs audio slide

  • Basics - order when adding components - transitions - titles

  • Advanced- photo editing, video merging, layering in timeline

  • Credits - use template for accuracy and consistency

  • To be completed this August 2016 - hands on editing workshop TBA in August

Part Three - POST EDIT - EXPORT info here
  • Render & Export - use H264 1280 by 720 frame rate 29.97 [this is HD / also known as MP4]

  • Google Drive instructions - send to Michelle by September 1, 2016 [hopefully]

  • Note: if quality of images or voice is poor we may not be able to use

  • Michelle will:

  • -- make all the trailers no one signs up for

  • -- place on the Book Trailer for Readers Web site - with your attribution

  • -- send to youtube, schooltube, vimeo and safari montage

  • -- and by the end of September will link all trailers in the dog award show video by genre.

Thank you for helping out this summer! I hope this will be a fun and creative process.

Keep in mind:


HEART - NOT TOO COMPLICATED - HD 720 by 1280 frame rate 29.97