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Book Battle Team 2018- out of 40 teams

- WE CAME IN 1st Again!!!

New List is out - 2018- 2019
Book Battle List Is Out

This year the try out test will be timed as in the real competition. 20 seconds to answer a multiple choice question after the question is read twice. 45 questions total.

There will be a tie breaker test - if needed. Short answer [7 questions]

The 6 students with the highest score will make the team.

Students who make the team read the books carefully.


The Battle of the Books is a reading motivation and comprehension book‐related competition for students in grades 3 – 12 and is sponsored by The School District of Lee County with incentive programs provided by Media Services.

Diplomat Book Battle History:

2008: 1st Place Lee County

2009: 1st Place Lee County

2010: Finalist Lee County

2011: 4th Place Lee County

2012: 2nd Place Lee County

2013: 1st Place Lee County

2014: Finalist Lee County

2015: 3rd Place Lee County

2016: 2nd Place Lee County

2017: 1st Place Lee County

2018: 1st Place Lee County

Who will make this year's team?

Will it be you?

Coach Harclerode & Coach Roberts

Want to make this coming year's team? Rules -

  • Tryout date January 17, 2018
  • Must Read ALL 15 books independently
  • Pass the AR tests with and 85% average and with only 2 do-over.
  • AR confirmation reports due prior to try out test.
  • Bring a pencil and your brain.

Want to make the Big Book Battle Party? By May 2018

  • Read all 15 books independently by the May deadline and pass with an AR average of 85%.
  • You may repeat 2 AR tests with classroom teacher approval.
  • Teachers will send AR report verification - student's will receive a special party invitation.
  • The party will be held in the media center. It is a red carpet affair and only open to those qualifying students.
  • Every year the event gets bigger and better - thanks to our spirit coaches: Ms. Moise & Ms. Fournier
  • Students are treated as celebrities and are rewarded with a memorable afternoon of fun.

Want to go on school news ?

  • Every time you read one Book Battle Book and pass the AR test at 85%-
  • You will get a Book Battle Sticker and can come on the news.

2017 - 2018 Book Battle Committee Members:

  • Coaches: Ms. Harclerode & Ms. Roberts
  • Spirit: Ms. Moise & Mrs. Fournier
  • Team Reviewers: Sessiona begin for the team weekly starting in January/ during school hours

  • Allie, First at Last - Ms. Clark
  • Almost a World Record Breaker - Ms. McCreary
  • Castle Hangnail - Ms. Tejeda
  • A Dragon's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans - Ms. Judd
  • Framed! - Ms. Walworth
  • The Hero Two Doors Down - Ms. Woolbright
  • Maxi's Secrets - Ms. McKeever
  • My Brother is a Superhero - Ms. A. Reed
  • Night of the Living Worms - Ms. Ontaneda
  • Pugs of the Frozen North - Ms. Keyes
  • Save Me A Seat - Ms. Roberts
  • The Vanishing Coin - Ms. Lauricella
  • A Whole New Ballgame - Mr. Boddy
  • The Wild Robot - Ms. Rodriguez
  • Willie Maykit in Space - Ms. Edwards

  • Mock Practices to be held the week before competition during school hours
  • Competition: May 18, 2018-
  • Book Battle Party/ AR Party -Thursday May 24th [ in the afternoon]