Here is another book trailer that I have come across. If I have read the book, I will let you know my opinion.
Enjoy. [Note: these book trailers are usually from YouTube and may not be accessible in the school environment.]

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Author Jill Sayre

More About the Book


-Author Jill Sayre
Book Trailer made by film student Austin Himes. Author also acted in her own book trailer.

Claire is a science-minded 13 year old whose brother is fighting in the Iraq War. Her family live has changed and so she turns to her books and sketching by the creek. Then, her estranged and eccentric grandmother comes to live with Claire and her family. Grandma teaches her skeptical granddaughter to believe in magic, hope, love and ... fairies!

"THE FAIRIES OF TURTLE CREEK" was a labor of love. I found a senior attending our local high school who was applying to film school for college. I asked him if he'd like to add a book trailer to his portfolio and he jumped on the chance. I explained the storyline of my book and he got busy on a script. I sent out an e-blast to a local mom group asking for someone to play our grandmother-- I received 8 lovely photos of interested women who were all over the age of 75. Wonderful! We chose the one you see because of her spunk--and believe it or not, she is 92! We cast the rest of the actors: my daughter as Claire and contacted a local acting college to get a student to play her brother, Val. We filmed the story in the places where my story was set. The edits and special effects were created by the film student, and we launched it at my first book party. The music is performed by an indie artist who I knew in California. The talents of my acquaintances combined to make the perfect trailer for my book." ~ Jill K. Sayre

I normally do not recommend longer trailers, but this one was done so well. The haunting music, likable actors and just a hint that something is going to happen, but what??? The non-dialogue in the beginning sets the mood. Author Jill Sayre must have been so pleased to find a gifted film student to take on this project. Kudos to all!--- Michelle Harclerode

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