Book Trailer Making Tools & Tutorials

Teacher Workshop explains how to use these tools.
Tool order follows the pattern of making a trailer - READ - SCRIPT - choose EDIT PROGRAM - NARRATE- FIND IMAGES/ VIDS/ BACKGROUND MUSIC - EDIT using either multi-track or audio slide - EXPORT/SEND
Handouts used in workshop here

Editing Programs

  • Audio Slides - easy to use not as many effects

    • POWER POINT- Free -you can use this and turn it into a movie at the end - save in HD - tutorial
    • ADOBE SPARK - Free new cool - can add 10 seconds narration to each slide - so a bit tricky to make it sound narration film like, you can download or save in HD- also this is an online editor which means sometimes it freezes - teach a lesson theme. Music is all there and easy to find CC images - puts credit at the end. Tutorials
  • WINDOWS LIVE MEDIA - sort of a timeline track editor - similar to using IMOVIE

  • -- There are ways to trick this program and get the narration on first. You can export out in HD - gives more control - have to upload background music - Tutorial
  • ADOBE Premiere Elements or Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Real timeline editing with multi tracks – will allow video merge and often trickier transitions and titles
  • Premiere Elements this is up to vs. 14 is the easier to use - allows multi track - videomerge -narrating in program - editing control - themes. There are some background music and sound effects you can use. Tutorials
  • Premiere Pro CC [2015.3] this is harder to learn - but work so smoothly and is what I use to make my trailers. However I subscribe to Creative Commons - and for $20/month [education/student]- I have access to every program that adobe makes. Tutorial

For Narration

  • Windows Live Media – you can trick this program into saving your narration- however it will save it as a wma file not mp3

  • Vocaroo
    • o Free – online sound recorder – easy to use
    • o Quick YouTube tutorial by Krhilby Vocaroo Audio Recording
    • o Click allow – when dialog box comes up – it starts right away – then look under for click to save – download as MP3

Sites for Image/ Photo Search

Search for Videos - Vimeo - Internet Arcvhive - Pixabay [ no citation needed]
  • Vimeo for videos – you can join for free this is what I use the most.
  • Search – then select +More
  • Try CC BY, CC BY NC, CC BY –NC-SA, CC0 [public domain]
  • Never search ND – means you cannot alter
  • If you see the download button – look for HD 720 [mobile SD or SD will be fuzzy in final trailer] – they have given you permission to download - this takes awhile to search.
  • How to download – basic members can

Search for Background Music

Kevin MacLeod – Incompetech - must use cite CC BY

YouTube Free Audio Library– if you see person icon cite CC BY

Advanced Editing Tools

  • BeFunky
    • o Not all features are available for free – but you can crop fast and put in some effects fast – sometimes I use borders
    • o Easy to use – but not photoshop
  • Gimpshop is like Adobe photoshop but free to download
    • o here you can separate or pixel out background to lay over other images or videos
    • o also sometimes I change eye color – or added a scar [Kizzy Ann]
  • Removing Background in Adobe Photoshop Another tutorial - quicker.